Dec 13, 2013

Goodbye, Third Home

They say school is our second home, the house obviously being the first. But for a college student like me living in the province and studying in Manila, a third home is recognized. The dorm. And time really flew by so fast, it just seem like yesterday when I was having jitters packing to move out and now I'm ready to leave. 6 months felt like 6 hours, I mean honestly, bear with the exaggeration but I can't even. *tears*

Adjusting and adapting to the busy streets in Manila and new faces I get to spend the rest of the day was really hard. Simple changes like having someone wake you up every morning, preparing breakfast for you or someone doing the laundry for you was a bit of a shock. Homesick as I was, I fought the urge to transfer to a school in Bulacan and eventually managed to embrace the city life (Living here has its perks like having fastfood chains and malls stones throw away and it's an ocean of eye candy faces here! LOL!) 

First picture together! 6 of us share the room, 5 being freshmen students. 
There's this time that we felt kinda "camping-y" that we brought our mattresses down together. See how thin the pink mattress as if you can feel the floor already? Yeah, we had fun bullying Nicolle. 

Spending birthdays would only mean pizza party! Jobelle and Claire's birthday happened at different dates, but for the sake of keeping this post short, try to understand. There was a video in Claire's phone of us wasting the cake on ourselves. We should've bought icings instead of a Red Ribbon cake. Such a waste, but fun nonetheless. 

I met new friends, thanks to Claire's awesome talking skills. I mean, everyone in the dorm practically knows every little detail about her classmates, not meeting them per se. She loves telling stories, and the "friendly" me managed to blend in. It's actually a first for me to have guy friends, being held in constraint during high school. #boyfriendproblems. I'm glad I got to see another side of the world, instead of being boxed up. But I'm not gonna start on this one, I'm actually glad I'm not committed to anyone right now. I learned a lot, A LOT really.

One time, when things aren't really going the way I want them to and depression became my new bestfriend, Claire invited me to an event Doulos is hosting. It's a women conference where we were fed with preachings about God. It's a good experience, light was shed into my confused mind back then and I was able to accept the things that went wrong.

I lost weight during the first month of my stay here, my face slimmed down (for me, at least lol) quite a bit. Then boom. Mcdo, KFC, Jollibee and Chowking knocked at my door along with fats.

I'm closest with Claire since probably we have the same wavelength, both quirky, childish, accountants-in-training and all. When we get hungry, no matter what time it is already, we'd walk to sate our cravings. The last photo won't be our last, rest assured.


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