Dec 23, 2013

Mourn in Corporate

We are thisclose to Christmas but I guess it's no time to be in a festive mood with what happened. Death's not an unusual word to hear, being knowledgeable that life's process is being born, living then dying.  But as for me, it's actually a first to mourn for someone in the family. It's a lot of a shock and pain to bear. All we can do now is pray and be each other's strength.

I've been very strict with myself to let black be the dominant color in every clothes I wear, but I don't think my supply of anything black could last for 7 days. Still, I'd turn my closet upside down just to produce an ensemble with black. 

If you'd ask me to choose between "girly and chic" and "sophisticated and mature", my answer would be the latter. The former's not my thing, and I don't see myself (and won't be seeing) wearing ruffles and ribbons. I often come up with something very corporate-y but I always end up changing for the reason that I think I'm always overdressed for whatever occasion.

This "ootd photoshoot" won't be done without the help of my sister and cousin. I just sounded like someone who just got an award, didn't I? Or Dora at the end of her show, lol. 


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