Feb 8, 2014

Community Service

For our NSTP class, we were required to do community service and we decided to hold it in Muntinlupa. Call time was 7am, but being such typical Filipinos, we were assembled and ready to go by 8am.  

Hadn't had breakfast since I tried to be punctual at most times, so 7/11 is the place to be.

The easiest and closest mode of transportation to Alabang is the PNR (Philippine National Railway). The Sta. Mesa station pale in comparison to any LRT stations, let alone the actual eerie train. I can't put to words how much my body was almost limp to death from the ride. If you want a cheaper ticket for Space Shuttle, give it a try! Though the cushion seats are nifty, the bumpy ride made us feel like we were in EK's Realto. Unlike the LRT, the railway is on the ground so it took us an hour to get to Alabang.

For the non-PNR commuters like us, we were thrilled to try it (pre knowing what the ride felt like) and, of course, got a picture taken.

It really sucks how I forgot to change the settings of the photo quality. God knows who put it to VGA, so the quality's really bad.

We boarded a jeep and headed to the subdivision. Too serious, eh?

It was scorching hot that day, I'm practically immobilized from the heat, and still they managed to start the cleaning. 

There's a Lyceum branch inside the subdivision, and nostalgia hits. Back in 4th year HS, it was really my dream school since they're known for their Tourism programs. Of course, the hip uniform is another factor. But I don't regret anything, I'm actually glad I chose accountancy over tourism. 

More cleaning to do (for them lol)! Doesn't it give you the autumn feels? 

My friend was pretty desperate to help in the cleaning, as you can see.

Lora, Pia, and Shaira (from L to R). I decided to keep a small circle of friends in college, contrary to what I had in high school. You can never know who's real and not, after all.

"Shaira, picture-an mo ko dali! Popose ako na naglilinis ako!" 

And that was my first and last memory of me holding the broom. There's a fine line between just holding and holding to clean, and I fall in the former. I mean, come on. I was the photographer, and I can't possibly clean and take pictures of them simultaneously, can I? #reasons

Well you know, just casually doing the one thing I'm good at: Resting. Haha!

There's a tennis court where we were stationed, and it amused me that the tennis club mostly comprises of old aged men. They were really nice and accomodating, even giving us drinks for free!

 It reminded me of my love for Ryoma Echizen of Prince of Tennis. But no, I don't expect the ball to burn like how it does in the anime. It's beyond human capacity, too god-like to happen.

I guess the tennis community is all smiles and sunshine.

We met this 7 year old kid, also a tennis player from US, and they were having really funny conversations. Like..

"What's your nationality?"
"I'm Dubai." (Don't judge, I mean, he's still a kid right. But I guess he was triyng to say he's from Dubai.)
"You don't look like Dubai."

Above are Kim, my Japanese classmate, and Stephen. 

Next on the to-do list was to teach these kids the importance of taking good care of the environment. Since I was in the Learning Committee, and did no cleaning at all, I did all the lecturing. 

The kids were less hyped than how our group members were burning with passion over a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Human baskets, instead of baskets drawn using chalk.

I'm dead tired from all the travelling and series of activities we did, but it was fun! Only, I had a massive headache from the heat and slept without changing clothes lol. 


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