Feb 9, 2014

Too Asian For You

Happy 7th birthday to our little princess, Shane Precious Kimberly dela Cruz dela Rosa! *pant* Her party is themed Sophia the First, hence the setting.

When it was time to deliver our greetings, it went...

Kuya Rap: Happy Birthday Shane. Wag kang gumaya sa mga ate mong maarte ha.
Ate Ella: Happy Birthday Shane! Best wishes.
Girly: Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
Me: Happy Birthday Shane. Sana lumaki kang katulad naming magaganda, mababait at sumusunod sa magulang.
Piw: Happy Birthday Shane.

So.. amen, people? Amen! I hope God mold her the way I wished for. Hahaha!

I haven't watch Sophia the First, but I was pretty sure, to the best of my knowledge, that somehow Naruto isn't a part of the show. A crossover, perhaps? 

And just then, the theme was changed to 'fantasy'.

I particularly fancy my hair here. Doesn't it remind you how Koreans style their hair? Oooh, how I loathe their patience to style it everyday. I can't bring myself to wake up early and iron it everyday. Plus, it's dry enough already. 


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