Feb 6, 2014

What's in My Bag?

Tracking down my high school years, I've never been fond of carrying bags wherever I go - which I fondly get scolded of by my mom, with all that anxiety building up on her that I might get lost without any phone to contact me or money for transportation (yes, for me, not carrying a bag means carrying nothing at all). I find it too much of a hassle finding and putting things in the bag then putting them back upon getting home. There's this subtext of not finding which bag I put which, so I'll skip the trouble of getting mentally vexed. 

But college drastically changed me and made me OC-er than ever. I'm hopeless without my petty necessities, I feel out of synced with everything else. 

Yet I complain a lot how my shoulders ache with the bag to blame. Tbh, my school bag comprises more of my vanity needs than my school things (Anyone know where they sell Dora's magical backpack?). And here I thought that the majority of the student body model a jansport backpack with just a ballpen in it (believe it or not I've seen a lot of them!). 

Cutting to the chase, here're the things I carry with me outdoors.

1. CHARGER. It's a charger that's just a detachable cable, so it's pretty convenient when I need to transfer files from phone to computer.

2. USB. 

3. Earphones. Since little, I always get car sicked until I find out that music is the key to my dilemma. 

4. Power Bank. Need I say more? It goes without saying, it's the cellphone-dependent's bestfriend! (aka me)

5. Eye glasses. Can't leave without it, nor leave without it. I get a headache and my ability to speak as well gets affected, since I won't talk to you lol. I'm nearsighted, just in case anyone's actually interested.

6. Card holders. For my debit card and stored value (train tickets), since I keep at least three kinds - one for each LRT line. I ride two trains on my way to school or home, and I make it to the point that I don't lose them since one stored value card costs me 100php.

7. Mobile phones.  As they say, it's already a necessity. I don't use two at my disposal, just the smaller one when I know I'll have to pass by a crowded place from school to home and the other if otherwise.

8. Brush. Who enjoys sporting a "hi I've been raped" hair on the street? Obviously not me.

9. Wallet. I prefer long wallets over the smaller ones since I'm very particular with handling money. If it's too crumpled, don't expect me to touch it (if it's a thousand peso bill, that might change my mind). Plus, I don't know how I got this idea, but taking out money from long wallets makes me feel very lady-like and mature. 

10. Mirror. Not a pocket mirror, but a rather huge one. I'd like not to vex myself taking small peaks of how I look like, specially when dealing with my hair, so I didn't bother to afford a mini one.

11. Calculator. How it happened I don't know, but there're few times when I'd find my calcu in whichever bag I use. Don't get me wrong, I'm not starting on a horror story. Just that, there's this invisible thread between us that I can't bring myself not to carry it with me anywhere in case of a weirdly unexpected emergency. Here's to the accounting students out there! 

12. Pouch bag. In it are..

12. 1. Petroleum Jelly. I can't tell how much I'm indebted to whoever created PJ. Totes saved my skin from all my scars I got when I was still a kid!

12.2 Lip Balm. With the abnormally moody weather in the Philippines, it's better prepared than have your lips bleeding (it's painful and tempting at the same time to pull the skin when it gets chapped - or is it just me that feels that way?)

12.3. Omega Ointment. I always thought that all my "my feet damn hurt someone please cut my damn legs" sleepless nights before were because of too much leg activity, until I find out that it was my tendency to walk barefoot inside the house with its disturbingly cold floor. I even thought I have rheumatism, at such age!

12.4. Mini clams. Hate it when my fringes gets in the way, but I like my fringes so I'm on an internal battle between letting it grow or put myself in the mercy of clams.

12.5. Wet wipes. I specifically prefer Watson's, I fancy the refreshing smell it has.

12.6. Lotion. Always always always purchase lotion with at least an SPF in it, or say hello to sun spots and dark skin!

12.7. Perfume. With all that squeezing and getting jammed I suffer from vans and trains (my modes of transportation), I have to smell nice or take the walk of shame.

12.8. Loose powder. My face is acne-prone, with or without make-up. So why make it worse by dabbing some? I use it after wiping my face with a wet wipe, it's more refreshing.

12.9. Medicine. It doesn't hurt to be prepared, right?

12.10. Nail cutter. I'm such a failure at keeping my nails long. If I do, I'd magically found them half-cut so in lieu of cutting my skin from it, I bring a nail cutter if it ever happens.


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