Mar 28, 2014

Celebrate in Red

Some people put the hue red in the Celebration column, and whether there's a sensible justification for that, here I am wearing red on my sister's graduation. She's growing way too fast, and you could take that both figuratively and literally. I'm 5 years older but 2 or 3 inches smaller, so how is that fair? 

I may not be the sweetest ate in town, nor are we sisters made in heaven, and it sometimes sucks we're swimming in the same gene pool (haha kid), and you're a ball of annoying atoms and molecules (double kid), but I will always be here, proud and smiling at you. I could be the best ate you'd ever have.. when the situation calls (case in point, when mom's looking when we bark at each other and annoyed to core). 

So damn hard to sugarcoat a letter when we were just having our daily episode of bickering 30 mins ago.

Don't ask me what I was trying to pull here, I'm clueless as much as you are. But take this as me trying to pass on a message: I'm a bottomless pit of weirdness.. more than I let on. 

In retrospect, is this just me or I kinda look like a flamingo? My arms and hand shaped up like the beak and my armpit then would be the chest. LOL you get the picture, people.

 Let's play hunt! Plain instructions: Just find the logic why she chose to fix her hair at the stage exactly when the photographer started shooting.I can't wait to see the developed photograph of my cousin's exorcism, then we'll have it framed LOL. 
The "covered" court that counts halfway as covered. Remind me again why it wasn't named roofed court.
"Do not pick the flowers (or leaves)"? Too cool for rules!


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