Mar 22, 2014

Gateway Getaway

My friends have been constantly nagging me with complaints against my not uploading a single photo of the hundreds we've taken, saying they've checked my fb account only to find nothing. But they know better than to get their hopes up for something fraught with impossibility. I don't even have a display picture, cheesus. (Well, that's something that roots from a weird reason. The main purpose of my fb account is for browsing anime photos from pages on my timeline, then communication comes second and ends the list. I couldn't care less about mundane status and selfie-whores, which I myself is guilty but the bottom line is I don't upload anything #defensive)

I've finally succumbed to their nagging, but let's take things one at a time. 

On our way out from PUP, the spirit of the band The Beatles got into us, though others remarked that what came out resembles more of Charles Darwin's theory than the album art. (Hey, this ain't coming from me!)

The univ was big enough, though UP dwarfs us in comparison, to accomodate tricycles and taxi inside and called a need for a PedXing.

We went to Gateway to see Divergent (shout-out to Lora for treating us!), which is just one tricycle and train ride away. We had one hour to troll and so we did.

Shameless Samba posing.

I can pass as Tris, admit it. (I demand a Yes!)

Look at me, Four. Listen. Tris is cheating on you.....

Don't tell me I didn't warn you. But I'd be glad to be a replacement, lol.

I've read the book before seeing the adaptation, and it's nice that it conformed with the novel. It somehow bordered to the movie's awesomeness, though few scenes and characters were omitted and slight changes were made. But definitely worth the wait and watch!


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