Mar 30, 2014

Oopsy Daisy

I've been pigging out for four days straight now, since celebrations keep coming here and there. No complaints for all the blessing that kept pouring, but the downside is these four days erased one month effort of shedding pounds (I don't miss a post to complain, really). 

My cousin and her girlfriend just got back from their Baler, Aurora getaway, and to keep us from pulling a muscle from envy, he saved a date for his birthday celebration with us, immediate family and relatives.
Funnside Ningnangan is pretty much our go-to place when an event comes up, being the nearest place that serves really delish foods (and generous enough to provide free fast wifi!). It just sits not far from Robinson, Pulilan.

Anytime soon I'm gonna be Gautama Buddha Jr. and be the Enlightened One the Second, so stay tuned. Ahhhhmmmmmm...
I'm now walking the divine path towards the Well of Enlightenment. Ahmmmmmm.........

Hold your horses. Just now, I realized Buddha's all round and half-naked. Nah, I'm happy being a humble human.

I'm wishing (I'm wishing), for the one I love to find me (to find me) today... Cue birds and Prince Charming!

The cool thing about Funnside Ningnangan is you get to choose the size and quality of everything you order, no menu list or boards. A buffet style, only the crabs are still moving and you might not want to place everything you like directly on your plate or the next place you'll be eating is in the hospital. 
 I was just taking a photo of one course for a matter of few minutes, and voila! The Crispy Pata committed a disappearing act. Our kin is quite the magicians.

The baked mussels are my personal favourite! Taste like baked mac, as my cousin had commented. 

In case you happened to notice that I dropped no name for each of the courses, pardon but it's not like there's a given name for them that you usually see in restos. I'm not gonna make up something like Buto ala Bulalo, La Crispy Pata, Crab de Butter, and whatnot just to sate your curiosity.


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