Mar 27, 2014

Spirited Away

Ahhh, bandage skirts. I've been fancying them lately, as an excuse to wear something shorter than pants, but longer than shorts in school. It's annoying on so many levels that wearing shorts is filed under the "What are you wearing? Do you think that is professional-looking?" category, "I am an accounting student." standing as the main heading *long siiiiiiiiggggggh*. Otherwise this country would stop providing free sauna (which is uncalled for BTW), I would never concede that shorts severely lack the sense of decency.

Moving on from my rants, here is what I wore on the Recognition Day of my cousin (Hurrah! Congrats on being ranked 3rd in the class, Ron!). 

This makes me miss wearing my high school uniform! My moss-colored uniform now is too blinding for my taste, you should see it. On second thought, I'm saving my dignity so let's save it for never.

This day stands as a triple celebration, since (1) it's my lola's birthday, (2) Aeron's celebration, and (3) tomorrow's my sister's grad. 

From left to right: Mami (Lola), Dadi (Lolo), Deki and me.

You know now where I got this adorable face. Well excuse me, sue me for being honest. Hahahaha! Kid.

The dressing room wall would make a great bedroom wall, agree?

Jsyk, Spirited Away is one of my favourite movies! (Ha! See how creative I am when coming up with a post title. NOT. Just because there's 'Spirit' in the tee.. pfft.) I'm really a big fan of Studio Ghibli, no matter how weird the plot of the movie is. If you haven't watched (or at least know) My Neighbour Totoro or a single movie made by the above mentioned, here's a rope. Lol.


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