Apr 25, 2014

Dainty in Dress

This year's summer has been tampering down my enthusiasm, probably the worst to date. I'm just too bummed out with my summer classes, I could hardly focus with the heat draining me like a prune. Add the fact that it's a 7:30 - 7:30 sched for 3 courses only (with 1 1/2 hours break!!!) , and 2 hour travelling time ain't helping. I could nail down the specificsand you'd probably side with my mother telling me to find a dorm already, which I have decided for next school year.

Dressing up for school is a tedious task, at least for me. A night before, I'd have to plan everything in my head since I have to be wary and take on account the do's and don'ts the profs and the weather had laid out. You'd put on a shirt and pants, but come afternoon and you're sour with sweat. Go with sleeveless and shorts, but that would be a pretty sizable mistake for the conservative profs insisting the necessity of the value of decency. So to meet at the middle ground, I'm settling with anything sheer/cotton or sleeveless paired with pants or skirt, or dress, when I'm not too busy not acting like a lady lol.

Anyone else with the same problem? No need to boast, people with uniforms...

Photo taken by my Tito Ryan Fontamillas.
Photos are only edited by me since our schedules won't meet. The product would've been better with him editing these, lol.


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