Apr 13, 2014

Hot Air Balloon Festival 2014

Today is the fourth and last day of the Hot Air Balloon Festival, and with only google map as our guide, we found ourselves heading to Lubao, Pampanga at 4AM in the morning. Reaching the site by 5AM (an hour before the event), you'd think we were early enough to find vacant parking slots and the absence of long queue at the ticket booth, but it's actually the opposite. 

It really is an event that gives families, couples, friends or an adventure-thirsty individual a push to drag their butts up from their bed early in the morning to witness the beauty of the colorful festival.

I decided to wear something covered yet comfortable since I wasn't sure how long we would be basking in the sun. And this jumpsuit came to my rescue after considering that we would be sitting on the grass or my armpit would turn its faucet on. Jumpsuits don't always have to be paired with all things classy, see how I put it together with a cap and backpack  to look casual and hippy.

#walkoutpose lol
We were worried that we would need to drive far from the venue to fill our empty stomachs, but much to our relief, the whole place was filled with more than what a fast food court could offer. 
I've been waking up at 4 in the morning for my classes since this year, but I've never bothered to look when the sun decides to make its entrance so it's quite a petty achievement that I got to see it at its first appearance for the day.
One thing I've come to detest is the existence of mascots (sorry kids, hate to poop on your party but my heart desires only for their total annihilation). But seeing that red and gold titanium alloy suit, well out of the way people! One possessive wife coming up!

Imagine if this big of an alcohol would be out on the market, how drunk can people get?
Oh yeah, just so you know, the guy was injecting the serum before running the simulation. 

But the test didn't work on me. I am divergent. I cannot be controlled! #divergentdelusions

Vogue-ish pose while climbing down, too funny and adorable to ignore!

The designs come in different colours, but what caught the attention of probably the majority were those that defies the common circular shape of hot air balloons. How often do you see an ice cream, a train, a motorcycle, or a monkey in the sky? 
Here's a question: If you never knew what hot air balloons are able to do, which would be your first idea upon seeing the image above? Are they falling or are they flying? 

Why did I ask? I've got nothing better to say, haha.
If you're planning to hijack one of the balloons to call dibs and display it in your place, why don't you just forget that criminally stupid idea and buy one of these. 
I'm foreseeing the domination of these hair ties sooner or later.
Quenching our thirst the colorful way. 
Matching white shirts over statement couple shirt. Couldn't agree more.
I've been unconsciously buying clothes on orange and blue color combination, but it seems I wasn't the only one mad with this mix. 

 I only get to see hot air balloons from desktop wallpapers before and only now did I learn that those photographs did the actual thing the slightest justification. The feeling of seeing things virtually is way beneath the feeling of seeing things live and within reach. 


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