Apr 29, 2014

Things Keeping My Boredom at Bay this Summer

As much as I want not to bore you with a sentence-full of adjectives describing what I wear, I'm gonna bore you with random stuffs I'm about to say either way. But anyways, here goes.

1. TV Series. You'd rarely find me sitting in front of the tv, but if you do, it's probably airing time of Kuroko no Basuke on Hero TV, or Phineas and Ferb, Jessie and Austin and Ally on Disney Channel #abused'and'. But I still am aware of shows or soaps on air, tho not locally, since I download torrent files of english series.

Faves and recommended (most to just fine, in my preference): Modern Family, Sherlock, The Vampire Diaries, Austin and Ally, Liv and Maddie, The Originals.
2. Anime. Otaku at heart! I was actually planning on joining Otaku URule, an org in PUP and largest otaku community in the country (or so I heard), but things won't go well with cosplayers in suits and me together.

Faves and recommended: One Piece, Fairy Tail, Maid-Sama, Prince of Tennis, Hunter x Hunter, Shingeki no Kyojin, Beelzebub.
3. Manga. An otaku wouldn't be an otaku with just watching anime. I've read more than a hundred of them through an app called Mangarock.

Faves and recommended: Maid-Sama, Yamato Nadeshiko, Skip Beat, Gintama, Dengeki Daisy, Ouran High School Host Club, Kimi ni Todoke.
4. Novels. When I blog, it's usually my bookworm self speaking. Reading helped me a lot in improving my short list of vocabularies and lack of creative writing skills. And what a great find the thrift store located near PUP was. Why wouldn't it be, if they sell hard bound books at a price of 300-400 php?! Though that's something, I still prefer e-books since (1) it's less harmful for my wallet, (2) books are one click away, and (3) I could browse back sentences/phrases that could be of use by highlighting them using an app called PocketBook.

Faves and recommended: Five People You Meet in Heaven, Divergent series, Safe Haven and other of Nicholas Sparks's, Fallen series, I am Number Four series, John Green's books.

4. Apps. I'm really not the gamer type, and people borrowing my phone kinda hate me for it. Though there's a silver lining, since I love and have 2048 and Flow, both of which might crack your brain lol.

Faves: WeHeartIt, Houzz, Pinterest, IMDb, Hiragana Learning, Fitness Buddy Free.

5. Outdoor Activities. As much as possible, I try not to confine myself in the four corners of my room. So when time allows, my cousin and I bike around our area or play volleyball. And just recently, working out had been added to my list! Yay for healthy living!

By now, you've probably notice that I've built a world of my own with my geeky and eye-damaging hobbies. Earth to social life, earth to social life? Hello, hello? Lol. But the silver lining is boredom rarely knocks on my door, so it's cool.


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