May 9, 2014

Twice Told Tales

I've already posted two of my five outfits (which are yet to come!) during a photo op with Kuya Ry. Interestingly, we came up with five different backdrops - all in the small compound housing six families from my mother's side - at a span of 2hrs. Every outfit was stringed with its own theme, making it seem we went to five different places, when in fact those were just places stones throw away from each other.

We were about to pack up and call it a day when accidentally, we opened the door to Narnia..
or maybe just the bodega of the ruins of my late lola's mother's house, but please don't ruin a little girl's fantasy. There were stacks of hard bound books, old furniture and cardboard boxes in plain sight when our imaginary light bulbs took a ding! and we realized the place reeks of vintage feels. Didn't even bothered changing from my pambahay shorts and just posed to my heart's content! Lol.

Photo by: Ryan Fontamillas
Photo processed by: Yours truly


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