Jun 4, 2014

The Big Rock Under the Sea

How timely is it that I'm here with a summer getaway post when the dry season is bidding us farewell and drizzles and rains are having their entrance? Lol, I live by the mantra "better late than never". It was around the second week of May when we drove all the way to San Rafael, Bulacan for a sure fire way to beat the windless heat: none other than a dip in the pool! 

The Big Rock Farm Resort was situated away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, a "hidden rock" as I coined it #lol, so a relief from the daily grind would be served to you in a silver platter. 

With Jannah, my sister Piw, and Sam. Just to be clear, there wasn't a color coding of some sort planned ahead.

Interesting to note that the whole place was a big pot of architectural design themes, where Grecian architecture, stone and wood clash in the entirety of the place. There are cottages featuring Doric columns, some are wooden, another is like a den made out of rocks, but chiefly classic nipa huts. The place isn't only inviting because of the four pools, but the landscape was a feast for the eye as well!

Leave this cottage with your valuables and sure enough, none would dare take anything inside. How is that for an instant guard?

And while drafting this post, Regina Spektor's Samson's on repeat in my head. I blame the lion, but my cousin showing me a sneak peek of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla on SDTG movie takes a share on the fall of blame. (If you got zero idea what it is, then scroll down and move along.) And the million dollar questions are: IS KENJI A ROCKSTAR HERMIT? HOW STRONG IS THE WIND THAT RAPED ATHENA'S HAIR? Frankly, the characters had gone awry.

If you think my sister's not cute, then I weep for your humanity. You may now close the tab and vacate the premises, by that I mean earth. Lol kid. But isn't she such a ball of rainbows and unicorns? Totes adorbs!

Enchanting, huh? Like it's a mouth of a stone monster while drooling, possibly because of the lady that snapped a photo of him *cough* that's me *cough*. But I'm sticking to my delusion that it's a realistic representation of Patrick Star's house.

When we last went here, which was my 16th birthday last year, it was still being renovated but this man-made stream wasn't. We all had this to ourselves then, but now my feet could barely get soaked in the path of water visible.

Some last year's photos, when I was still 16 and sweet. I kid, lol. But yes, that's a set of throwback shots when there was still water streaming in the..uh, stream.

Nope, not Universal Studios. Though I think Fiona has lost all effeminate features left in her ogre form. Brutal.
Clearly they were lying when they said The Amazing Spiderman was filmed in New York. I guess we could let this deception slide and thank God for creating Andrew hot Garfield.

Took me long to make this post, but since school's about to start in four days and I'm about to lose my grip on my social life, now is as good a time as any.


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