Aug 19, 2014

Up, Up and Away

Finally got some time to spare for my poor blog. I've been neglecting my duties to maintain it, since I've been burning the midnight oil for the departmental exams way baaaack August 3. But hey, no regrets. I may have earned unsightly eyebags, drank one too many coffee, attended mass everyday, prayed to all the saints in the church of Antipolo, but heck did it pay off! Not gonna get down to the deets, but I owe it all to Him that I ranked in the two exams. Hallelujah!

Our annual accountancy week was held in July 14, spare me for posting this only now. I felt the spirit of the event more than last year, since freshies weren't given much opportunity to join contests. We were even having regular classes then! But this year, we got a whole week off to enjoy the AWeek.. which we didn't, thank you very much Glenda. A week-worth of events got sqeezed into two days. 

The 22nd Accountancy Week bore the theme "Disney", so the TV spitted out the characters and were found roaming at PUP, alive and in flesh. Our team got Up to portray, and lo and behold, my blockmate got the main part. 

Basically the masterminds behind the huge gaps of the line during the parade. We know no bounds, this is how we roll lol.

Amazing how stolen shots show so much of who you are. Just plain natural, no pretentious smiles.

Sorry but I'm keeping this short. My acctg professor's killing us softly. I've never been under this so much pressure in the entirety of my existence, and am literally spending day and night eating books and reading food. Or the other way around, I don't know anymore. /craycray

P.S. Crossing my fingers that I'd be able to make another post about next year's AWeek. #yestothirdyear #notoSQE lol

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the photos, lazy me forgot the camera. These are just tagged photos from my blockmates (Hi Bane, Lyka and Jessa! *wink wink*).


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