Oct 24, 2014

Rizal Park

I'm not exactly what you'd call a history buff, but I seriously got a strong penchant for going places, infamous or not. After 16 years of rural living (the nearest mall is 30-minute far), you'd find your feet thirsty for a little stroll. So when an opportunity like staying in a dorm at University Belt comes up, take the liberty of seizing all the travelling opportunities! 

Finding your way in a big city renders you no better than a rat in an experimental maze, so take account of the landmarks and train stations situated near your place. Trains would be my preferred choice of  basic weapon, but sometimes getting a little lost through walking has its own beauty. 

There's not much to do at the park, I was just after catering the whim of my wanderlust self. My friends said it's best to lose the sun to get a view of the fountain lighting up, but unfortunately I never had the chance to go there at night before I moved to another dorm. Prolly next sem, since I've been dying to see Fort Santiago and wander around Intramuros again - with a camera this time.

From Quiapo, you can ride a jeep to Pier 15 if you plan to be dropped on Luneta, Intramuros, Manila Cathedral or Fort Santiago. But if you're like me that prefer crazy walks, go to SM Manila and walk your way from there. Universities like MAPUA, Lyceum, and PLM stand there, so brace yourself for a student-packed streets. There's also a line of pedicabs that offer a tour for a reasonable price.


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