Nov 1, 2014


Booo! A-little-too-late-for-halloween greeting I'm extending to you, but please let it slide since I know most of you still have the halloween hungover. Yesterday's no different for me, since holding/joining halloween parties wasn't a common practice for us. It would be a nice experience tho (dressing like the turned-into-pirate Elizabeth Swann would be the dream!), but let's hold that thought on reserve for years to come. 

I've been living the vampire life for the 2/3 of my sembreak, and I'm quite sure (and right!) that my friends weren't having productive days either. So what you do when you have all the time in the world and friends that are equally fashion-inclined and insanely bored as you are, you hold a photoshoot. At least that's what I think, lol. One thing led to another, but most plans went straight to the dumpster when we realized how insane of a thought it is to parade in Poblacion dressed in Halloween costumes or dressed in all black to rally against abortion or wear leotards with trash stapled just like we did for the Buwan ng Wika. Much to no one's surprise, we ended taking OOTD pictures.

Collecting melted candles and turning them into a big ball was basically the highlight of my every November 1, but I did stopped when I entered college tho. Lol! Anyways, this day was meant to pay our respects to the dead, not for drinking or blasting the speakers, so let's keep it solemn as possible. But I do hope you're having a great day. Happy All Saint's Day, everyone!

P.S. See what I did with the post title? Charcoal + cold, 'cos of the black accents and the cold weather-appropriate ensemble? Yep, I'm lame like that. Lol.


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