Nov 14, 2014


Despite the lack of strict dress code in our university, I've been on the hots with few fashion police inside the campus. I once went inside the OSFA Office for my scholarship wearing shorts, and was welcomed with the words "Anong college mo? BSA? Don't you know you're not allowed to wear that? You're showing too much skin! What are you doing to yourself?" Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know the constitution considered that as a crime. Or was it in the Ten Commandments? That felt like you're slut-shaming me, so you get no star for that. Kidding aside, would it hurt to reprimand me in a way that wouldn't sound as if I've got the hands of a murderer? It's degrading on a whole new level, so wait for my crop top and micro mini revenge #hatersgonnahate. I kid, lol.

I know full well that it's not a common scene in our department that girls are in lesser lengths of clothing, and at times I just want to be part of the unit. But some days I'm like, "Why fit in when you're born to stand out?" Haha! It's a tug of war between dispersing in the crowd or being the darling of the crowd (lol as if, but for the sake of my exaggerated point). 

I welcomed the start of another sem in this get-up, minus the impractical heels. I'm starting my 5th term in eye candy colors, hoping that I'd survive 5 months with flying colors. Anyways, have a blast this sem! It's hell once more.


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