Dec 31, 2014


1. You have to want it enough to have it, then doing it follows. 
Having a strong mind set is a good foundation, but conscious efforts are a much needed support for a good result. Eyes on the prize, always. Last semester, I really wanted to snag a spot on the Top 10 in our accounting departmentals (1) to prove a point, (2) for petty revenge (lol I'm such a drama queen), and (3) as a moral-boost. Basically, I'd kill for a spot. Good thing no blood was shed and I peacefully got in the top 5.

2. The future is still a long-shot, focus on the now.
Has it ever occurred to you that not everything goes how you planned it in your head? You've prepared the script of your life, braced yourself for the impending events you created in your head, then life decided to change the dialogues and scenes. There was this person I've created illusionary events in my head with, even worrying when to do this and that, but we drifted apart (then back again then drift again lol) and he took with him my planned life events. I realized too many things can happen in a month, it's too early to plan something for next year.

3. Listening doesn't mean understanding, nor talking means communicating. 
The one common denominator listening and talking has is they don't touch the within. What's on the surface is what they only get. Two persons could have a whole day conversation, even a month-long, but you could still feel like stanger to each other. I've been stringing along this one person for a really long time, we talk frequently, but we have this unbreakable wall between us that only communication could iradicate. Saan ba nakakabili non?

4. Life isn't meant to be spent in one place.
The first sem of my sophomore year was a cycle of school-dorm-home. I was too afraid to see places in manila, probably due to lack of company, that I lost my sense of wanderlust. Come second sem, and I'm breaking my 10pm curfew almost everyday. Lol. My friends and I created this bucket list of places we wanna go to and things we wanna do, so brace yoourself 2015! We. Are. About. To. Roll!!! (but cry and crawl first, thank you deptals)

5. You can't choose your family, but you can choose your friends. 
Finding friends in college is one of the worries high school seniors has, amen? But remember, the people you spend time with on your first day or even the first year won't always be the people you get to keep in the long run. You'd be lucky if you jive with them up until the end, but I've seen most of my blockmates switching circles after. My case begs to differ tho. My three seatmates have sticked with me since first day to present, and SQE won't break us! #accountingstudentproblems

6. The heart wants what it wants.
Selena is so on point. The heart could break easily (both figuratively and literally), but it's so much stronger than the mind. Love bends all logic, it doesn't and isn't supposed to make sense. You say you're done, but you keep coming back craving for more. Geez, you stupid, stupid heart.


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