Dec 29, 2014


I've been going places during the holiday-slash-pigout season - indulging myself with anything that made my face more of a double chin than a face, a belly more of an expectant mother's than a belly, arms more of a sumo wrestler's than a girl's arm, and now motivated to wallow in regret while I blog. I've been a loyalist on my mantra, "Eat now, regret later".
But let's just bite into the bright side: I'm blessed enough that I could eat more than the normal times a day while others barely survive with crumbs. My fats, the living evidence.

This is what I wore during Christmas day. I opted for a loose straight dress to hide the unsightly fat babies I was about to beget. Nobody made a rule that it's only in exams and love we could cheat, right? #wordsofwisdom Haha! Kidding aside, it's already an unspoken rule not to wear tight fitting clothes during such occasions, else tread the path of shame. That's a choice of poison, not a choice of weapon. 

Hope you had a merry christmas! It's page 364 of the 2014 book, make the most out of your last two days. Break the rules! It's never too late to create the highlight of this year. Celebrate New Year's Day with precaution, have a blast but don't blast your hands. 

Photos by: Ryan Fontamillas


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