Mar 25, 2015

Starter Kit

When I see long sleeve button-down plaid shirts, I'm reminded of two things: my clique (hi Shaira, Pia and Lora!) and boy band. Once when we were in the mall, a guy with a tied shirt (as mentioned above) on his waist received a unified comment of "Ay! Jeje! Starter kit ng 5SOS!" from the three. Don't get me wrong.. they're INSANELY hooked-up with 5 Seconds of Summer, but the looks of disdain thrown to the guy were for his incapable disposition to project the get-up with such charisma as the 5sos members do. Probably this or for some other reasons lol. The world and language of fangirls is beyond me, despite being surrounded by the kind - be it friends, sister, or dorm mates. 

P.S. My friend and I took these photos around 12pm, hence the squinting in most of the photos. We knew what we were getting into: unwanted tan, risk of getting hit by passing cars, and stares. No regrets tho, all for instagram-worthy shots lol. 


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