Apr 29, 2015

Going North: La Union

Before March ended, my family and I embarked on a road trip heading north of Luzon to fulfill my lifelong dream of experiencing the Vigan feels. It was out of my own volition to celebrate my 18th birthday on the road, instead of the usual dine & go party. Good trade, no doubt. 

A relative of ours was kind enough to let us stay for a night to dodge the 8 straight hours of drive to Vigan, and thanks to TPLEX we smoothly touched down in La Union in just 2-3 hours. 

A pavilion near Agoo Church. If I chose to hold a debut party, this would've been the ideal stage.
We looked around Ma-cho Temple, free of charge, for some photo ops. 
What's really good about it is the overlooking view of the sea. Just imagine having a veranda like this! Fresh air and clear blue water, ahhh good life.
I have a few recollection of being in a botanical garden, and have little interest to stroll around in one, but seeing my little sister would be so stoked to enjoy the abundance of flowers and animals, we gave it a go. We had to pay 10php per head.
It was lunch time when we arrived at Bahay na Bato, and the deathly heat doesn't bode well for us as there would be a lot of walking to do so we opted to give it a pass.
My little sister had grown an annoying adoration for cows that every time we see one, she'd yell "Ate picture-an mo!" and would throw a tantrum if I won't heed.
Strong addiction to Stick-o! My brain food when reviewing for departmental exams.
Jumping into the no-filter bandwagon. A zit decidedly makes a cameo during the trip.
Tobaccos are planted everywhere in the vastness of La Union land, probably they're main product. Idk haha.

I was dying to experience the waterfalls instead of getting some beach action, so we took a 2hr drive to Occalong Falls in Luna...only to be disappointed. But our dampened spirits escalated to sheer joy when we experienced the most amazing waves in Sebay. La Union being famous for their waves, Sebay is one of the resorts that offer surfing experience for only 400php. Not trying it was one of the biggest regret I had on this trip (yep there's more! T^T). My fear got the best out of me, but I'd be sure to come back and give it a heads up next time! #Bucketlist

Since I don't have someone to chase me on the shore, I'm running on my own. Haha! My next time would be different, I hope. ;))

Some NU volleyball players were present and practiced on the beach. 


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