May 20, 2015

Standing in the Way of Light

This set of functions.. err, photos, I mean, have been kept unattended for 2mos already. (Still hung up on my calculus exam. I've never been this unmotivated for a subject!! X and Ys just can't seem to love me.) Stoked a moment after battling the harmful rays to peg a bad ass wannabe, then procrastinating the next. My life in a nutshell. Always keeping things halfway done, just because. 

I'm one departmental exam shy from summer vacation! And just to clear it out, hindi lahat ng nagsasummer class may bagsak. Yung iba, BSA students sa PUP! And two years have passed since I made the most regretful decision of digging my own grave in the accounting program, I'm now entering my junior life. Moving on to another milestone without the H1 class just grates my inside. Resectioning, why must you happen? This is emotional murder. ))): Since there's no stopping the inevitable, our block will be in Antipolo tomorrow for our annual summer getaway. Pls don't let this be the last, no. (We cling onto each other better than leeches do, made obvious by a week-long flood of dramatic fb posts and tweets.)

My HS friend, Kean, who took all these amazing photos! Kudos, mah nigguh.

Kept this one unfiltered so you could marvel with me at the blue skies. 

Can't really get my thoughts straight and this post sensible, so I'm cutting it short (not so, actually lol). Make the most out of the remaining days of your vacation! And keep safe, xoxo.


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