Oct 30, 2015


Hey! I'm back in the fashion blogging scene, all made possible by my friend Kean, who's been my photoshoot buddy-on-call ever since (check out his ig @keantimoteo!!). And boy, the end-products are worth the delays this shoot has been put on! Plain walls with flattering natural lighting are rare gems in the province. Who knew Pampanga is the place to be? Never mind the curious stares we've received from employees and shoppers, our priority has been fairly established already: IG feed over dignity. Lol! 

Two years ago, this ensemble would've been something I would don at school (Well, sans the heels because climbing the 5th floor in heeled shoes doesn't end up pretty well. Believe me, I've tread that road.). My freshman and sophomore years are a period of shorts + sleeveless shirt combo. Don't blame me, the university is bordering the heat in hell. But since junior year, v-neck shirts + leggings had been my no-brainer quick-fix everyday. I've had enough trouble paying a committed attention to the professor, I'm skipping the trouble of minding my bare legs and armpit and fearing being called on by them because I wear lesser cloths than students who wear jeans and t-shirts (aka everyone in my university).

P.S. Forgot to take off my hair tie on my wrist! I've read that it's something a girl should never do, or else it would down scale you from classy to trashy. Oops.


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