Oct 14, 2015

What Do You Mint?

Has it really been half a year since these photos were taken? Wow, I really am living up to the Backlog Queen title! I still have brown hair here, lol.

Anyway, my 7th term in college is over! School has been so consuming, the amount of struggle is crazy. Albeit the tears I have shed for this semester, I have three things to be thankful for: fitness, failures, and family.

1. FITNESS. What added to my struggle to juggle my life is my extracurricular activity, the Mr. and Ms. Ambassador of Goodwill. And being the girl who isn't comfortable in her body, I was challenged to visit the gym and make fitness my bestfriend. I did a lot of sacrifices, like cutting back on calories and making sure I stick to a 1,200 calorie diet, where I only had oatmeal for breakfast, tuna & rice/tuna sandwich for lunch, and oatmeal again for dinner. I learned to love things I hate a.k.a vegetables. I engaged in strenuous activities like jogging and swimming (the place where I stay has a gym and a pool).  Healthy became integral to my daily life, and that's probably the best gift I could ever give to myself.

2. FAILURES. Our grades aren't released yet, and I'm crossing my fingers for a system breakdown just to delay the encoding of grades (kidding! maybe?). Junior year is the most critical stage in college, anyone could attest to that. 6 major departmental exams? As if resectioning isn't enough to culture shock us. And being the girl who isn't accustomed to failing, I was having breakdowns on trains and vans from frustration. I wasn't passing on any of my quizzes, I don't even have a score higher than 80 on my departmental exams. My free days were consumed by practices for the pageant, so I had no choice but to just wing my exams. But without these failures, I wouldn't learn to value my...

3. FAMILY. With all the craziness in this world, one thing will never change: I have a family I could rely on.  I learned to open up my bottled-up feelings to my parents.  It was my first time to cry to my mother, thank you AdvAcc. I don't talk much at home, but things have changed since then. We were far apart, but we were closer. 

I hope your semester wasn't as crazy as mine, but I do hope it was a meaningful sem. I have a lot of posts pending, so visit my blog again next time! xoxo


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