Nov 1, 2015

Green with Envy

I've always liked anything green - from clothes, bags, notebooks, hair ties, nail polish to food (Yes, I base what I eat on color. Matcha green tea flavoured anything is all things glorious, y'know.) 

This irrational liking to anything that falls in the shade of green started way back senior prom, where I wore an apple green ball gown and never had emotional detachment to the color since. While the female population would internally battle with themselves if they're gonna choose pink or blue, other days black or white, I'm the girl that picks up the ignored hue. It says a lot about me. I never liked anything that most people like. Boy bands? The Selection Series? Jogger pants? No, thank you. I like to be someone that doesn't mirror the society. Someone who doesn't carelessly get in the bandwagon. All I'm saying is, you don't always have to try to fit in. Be yourself, and standout just by being you.


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