Dec 27, 2015


My productivity level is at its lowest lately, partly an effect of the holiday spirit, another due to the food coma I am under for chugging down everything on the dining table like a vacuum. 

The 2nd Sunday of January is already our departmental exams, and my days have been nothing but a cycle of opening my accounting book, groaning, solving one illustration, scrolling on twitter, IG, facebook,. then all I know is it's time for dinner and I've finished 5 pages of the book since morning. But hey, slow progress is better than no progress at all! 

Come January and the regret will creep in like a paralyzing disease. Que horror. Can we just skip to the part where we're all CPAs, own a million-dollar house, have maybe 3 or 4 cars, and can finally shop 'til we drop? 

These are taken with just iphone cam. I know, amaze-balls.


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