Dec 25, 2015


Christmas is a hell lot different than it used to be.. no more every-10-minutes christmas carolers outside, no more exchange gifts in the family, no more putting so much thought in my christmas ootd, and most importantly, no more aguinaldo from godfathers/mothers. 

And they call it getting older. *finishes a box of kleenex*

One thing though remained constant. I'm still that girl that pays frequent visits on the dining table. Haha! As much as I'd like to go easy on the carbs, it's not everyday lechon is served and there are like 5 viands to choose from for one meal. But tbh, I'm more of a dessert person, albeit diabetes being an easier disease to be caught than fever in our family. Coffee jelly, leche flan, sweetened banana and langka, ube halaya, ice cream, brownies... yep, all that just went inside my mouth today. I'm probably gonna spend the next few days cringing at the reflection in the mirror, wishing I stopped at just one serving. But then again, you never regret things that made you happy. #pampalubagloob

Christmas '15 is almost over. And six more sleeps left until we change calendars! We've spent 364 days since 12-26-14 waiting to experience the most wonderful time of the year, but really, did you make today worth the wait?


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