Dec 31, 2015

Letter to My 2015 Self

Dear 2015 Pola dela Rosa, 

I see you've had another set of 365 days filled with things you won't forget, things you can't remember, and things you remember but wish to forget. You're probably sitting somewhere, thinking, "Where did all the days go? What the actual fck was 2015 all about?". Now, now calm down sister. Because the million-dollar question really is, "Did you live 2015? Or did you just survived?" No pressure, but you're never gonna be 18 again. Was your year of legality something you will smile about when reminiscing years from now?

Sophomore year gave you quite a few certificates to add to your pile. But life is not a roller coaster that only goes up. You have to know failures to value success. You have to experience hardship to value the rewards. Those sleepless nights and packs of 3-in-1 coffee for every exams? Those time you were cramming for something announced a week before? Those results you cried about shamelessly in public trains and vehicles? Those won't matter now. You went through it, and now you're better. Brace yourself, there are more exams to cram for. (The thesis wave is coming!)

They say girls are smart until they fall in love. And you've fallen victim to that, kudos self. You've been under the confinement of confusion and hurt. You were always in between trying and stopping. There were people that you forgave endlessly, only to be hurt again. They left, but that doesn't mean your any less of your actual worth. You just have to keep trying for the right person. And good thing you didn't close your doors, because someone is gonna knock - and this time, cross your fingers that everything's gonna be worth it.

You have been in two pageants last year, and people have started to recognize your beauty of the physical. They showered you with words of admiration. But the most important person that should have, didn't - you never did. You never gave yourself credit. You never liked what you saw in the mirror. I hope this year, you slowly learn to find beauty in your flaws. 

And of course, there were people that failed to believe in you. Their words were sharper than any knife, and that almost stopped you. There were people you once called friend in a one-sided friendship. The people you thought that had your back became the people that pushed your back against the wall. But the year 2016 is gonna be the year you will stop caring about what they will think. This year, you're putting your happiness before the opinion of people that don't even matter.

And to my 2016 self.. just live life with love! You're gonna do great. Claim it!

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Photos taken by: Kean Timoteo


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