Dec 14, 2015

Maginhawa Food Trip

Yesterday's "Question of the Day" in was "Do you have a sweet tooth or a savory tooth?". I think I have a tooth for every taste! Um hello, that's food. F.O.O.D. You just don't make one choice when you can choose all. 

My friends and I always treat ourselves for surviving the sem everytime it ends (now, we treat ourselves everyday for surviving the day). And finally, after putting on hold our Maginhawa plans for almost a year, we moved from Arki (puro drawing, puro plano!) to official foodie-wannabes! 
First stop was The Nook Cafe, a two-storey Harry Potter-themed shop. Above is an almost-finished butterbeer and cheese potato wedges. It's how you'd expect it to taste, like a melted butterball candy! 
We had initially planned on trying The Wicked Kitchen and The Sweet Spot but both were closed, so instead we entered The.. this shop that I forgot the name. Gee, I make a good food blogger.
Matcha and mango gelato! Not too bland, not too sweet. 
The first shop in Maginhawa that I've been in that has wifi!
Gayuma ni Maria is a walking-distance from the-shop-that-I-forgot-the-name. We didn't knew then that most of the food they offer are meals (with really funny names like Nilasing ni Eba si Adan or No Boyfriend Since Birth!). We just ordered this chocolate cake called True Love.. the only True Love you need in your life!! I swear it is the most glorious chocolate cake that landed on my taste buds! I am ready to die from food coma if I get to eat this everyday.
Of course any trip to Maginhawa wouldn't be a certified food trip without at least pretending to be a smoker at The Iscreamist. They moved to a bigger space just across the street! 
Good girls with bad habit: over-eating.
I've read a lot of good reviews about Peri-Peri Chicken, so we had our dinner there while waiting for the REALLY LONG QUEUE at The Lost Bread. I didn't get to enjoy it because we accidentally ordered the one with the hot sauce. Not a big fan of spices.
Last stop was The Lost Bread at Streat! We had to wait for almost an hour and most seats were taken (buti pa yung seats, taken. JOKE!). But food is always worth the wait! I wanted to try Carnival, this shake topped with cotton candy, but it wasn't available. But Campfire was enough to put my tantrums aside. Ugh, milky goodness! And the good thing is, there's actually a stall in PUP Food Court that tastes just the same! I love you, PUP.


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