Apr 4, 2016

My Meat Break Up

No, it's not because I'm a compassionate animal-lover.
No, it's not because I want to be skinny as a stick.
Yes, it's for personal wellness reason.

Start of 2016, I had my fair share of unsightly acne break out all over my face. I wasn't exactly a child blessed with skin problem-free life from the start, but this was the worst so far. My face was just eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips and the rest is pimple-covered space. Yes, yes, we all sensed a hint of exaggeration there. But no kidding, my confidence level plummeted below sea level and this is my inner self-conscious self talking.

I tried on a lot of products targeting acne, spent money on the derma, sacrificed a lot of hours I should've been studying so I could sleep early (LOL my reasons, really. I just don't like to study). NOTHING'S WORKING. So I indulged myself with youtube videos, and came across a topic that gave me salvation.

The ugly truth of meat & dairy.

Instead of me babbling about it, I'll let the single book that changed my life do the talking: the Skinny Bitch book. This is the most kick ass and sassy book I've ever read!!! It bleeds sarcasm. It's not a diet book, shut up. More of a straight forward teacher to enlighten you on how your grease-loving potato life will be the death of you. Seriously, READ IT. (A pdf is readily available on google.)

Here are some of the things I could never forget from this book:
1. We are the only adult specie that drinks milk. FROM ANOTHER SPECIE. Shame on us.
2. Milk contains hormone that triggers acne. This is actually the root of my acne. Curse dairy.
3. Noticed how cows grow 4x their weight from birth by drinking their mother's milk? Go on, drink that milk so you could see who can gain more weight, you or the cow.
4. Cows are milked using metal machines and their parts could get swollen in the process. Pus form. Yep, you're putting pus-infused liquid in your cereal. (How could companies ever separate the milk from the milk-colored pus???)
5. Soda is liquid satan.
6. You don't need coffee to stay awake. You just got accustomed to the idea. You need to sleep and rest. Listen to your body!
7. The body naturally heals itself. By drinking medicine, you are interfering with this natural process! Having menstrual cramps? It's your body's way of preparing you from the pain of childbirth, so suck it up.
8. We are not equipped to digest the meat of animals. We are not lions that hunt and devour. They can eat a whole animal and sleep all day, but can you? NO, fat ass. Because our alkaline saliva isn't like their acid saliva that is specifically meant for that task. We secrete small amounts of hydrochloric acid, that's why food not processed properly could clog up our very long intestine.
9. Chickens are genetically modified. They are given steroids to speed up their growth. Antibiotics, steroids, hormones and other things specifically meant for animals.. that's what you're putting inside your body. Respect, people! Your body is a temple. (Same goes for eggs. Like mother, like daughter.)
10. YOU. ARE. FREAKING. EATING. A DECOMPOSING. DEAD. ANIMAL'S. BODY. Wow, if anything could be grosser than that.

What I got from stopping eating meat and dairy:
1. No more pimple break out. Throw those good for nothing products, stick to the cleanse-tone-moisturize routine, say no to meat and dairy, and you can walk with your head held high. I still got the scars from the bomb these pimples dropped, but nothing Vaseline can't fix. At least, my face ain't hurtin', my confidence is renewed!
2. Better digestion. I have the poorest of the poor digestion. I've tried going on for a week without taking a dump (shocking, I know). But ever since, I became a regular customer. Steer clear from the meat, pay the bathroom more visit.
3. Bye bye bloated feeling. I hate this so much. You feel like a walrus after that serving of sundae, and just want to spend your walrus-life inside your room without any contact from humans.
4. Weight loss. You just basically said goodbye to junks that you don't need in your life, so you can expect a reward at least.
5. You save money. Want that slice of cake? That mcdo fries? That burger that is soooo greasily good? Walk away because no, you may not have that, ma'am/sir.
6. I learned to love vegetables. It was the nightmare of my childhood. But now, it's all I've been asking my mother to cook for me. The irony of life.

I haven't been sticking strictly to my dairy restriction because well, how can I ever say no to dessert? Take the meat, but please not that brooownie!!! This is why I can't go vegan (at least, not yet). My heart's not ready to break up with the glorious taste of sweets.

So yeah, these are pretty much the things I explained to my friends, boyfriend, and mother when I said I don't like meat anymore. And they've been really supportive about it, hallelujah!

I am not persuading anyone to go meat-free, I'm just spreading the goodness of the Skinny Bitch book and help you understand my decision. But really, if the things I've said didn't make you realize a thing or two, I'm so done.

P.S. It's been a month since I stopped eating meat (I still eat fish, BTW), wuhooo!! *pats myself on the back*


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