May 29, 2016


Born in a tropical country, I've always been fascinated with the idea of beaches and being an island girl. 

It probably roots back to Barbie and The Island Princess movie I've loved both as a kid 'til now. Which is probably why a perfect date for me is in the form of a candle-lit dinner date along an isolated beach shore with a Michael Bubl√© playlist on the background, and my dream wedding is one on the beach (Injecting this 'cause I wore this outfit on a wedding lol). 

I've been acquainted with the water since I was a kid, our old house being near a river which makes it easy to get flooded. The flood water was actually my training ground in doing freestyle swimming and "sisid sirena", haha! The water was so clear that my cousins and I would each have a dipper on hand and catch "butete" (tadpoles). Floating banana trunks would be our version of banana boat.  Ahh, to be a kid. 

P.S. My 3 y/o sister is so pretty I can't even


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