May 7, 2016


So, what's the reason behind the change?

I dressed my blog with a clean template this time and dropped my old title "Sassy & Classy", in case you haven't noticed. I've been changing templates since this blog's birth in 2013. I think the dictionary has a term for it. Flighty, was it? I don't like constant, I'm all for the good change. From my residence (I'm on my 5th dorm for a span of 3 years. I'm afraid I have to live in a moving van in the future.), style, blog templates, to etc. The only constants I need are my family, friends and boyfriend. #cheesymuch?

Why did I change from two-column to one-column theme?
I've been looking for a minimalistic one-column theme for a long time now. My previous themes became too childish for my taste. I've been doing all the tweaking (not coding, okay?) for my current and previous ones. My previous ones only took me few hours of editing and voila, new blog! It might seem too simple, but in this one I really had to spend a week of researching and deciding. 

Why ImprintBoard?

I wanted a word that could both relate to my two passion: travelling and fashion. Style is all about creating your own mark. Travelling leaves footprints. Simply put, this is a log of my imprints.

Will my blog contents change as well?
Probably. I've been thinking what I really want to pursue, both as a blogger and as an individual. Fashion will always be an innate thing for me, and dressing up will always be a hobby. But I think I want to change my focus. It may not seem like it, but I don't read fashion blogs. I only read Tricia Gosingtian's & Kimi Juan's travel stories, and that helped me fit the pieces together. I've done some travel posts myself, and I enjoy reading & writing those than my other posts. Finally, I decided to focus on exploring and spend more time behind the camera.

Is this blog change permanent?
Again, I am a veryyyy flighty person.


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