May 21, 2016


Up in the hills of Antipolo stands a dainty gallery infamously known as Pinto Art Museum. As the name suggests, a bounty of pinto (door) could be found everywhere from the collective buildings that house the artworks. The place boasts of white architecture and green landscapes, sort of Santorini meets Savannah.

It was truly nothing short of amazing, and I would've enjoyed the whole of it if not for two things: (1) I was wearing 3-inch pointed heels and (2) I have a shallow appreciation for art. The first was a petty tiis-ganda move, the second is due to my penchant for alignment. Art is so abstract that my obsessive-compulsive self can't find the good in organized chaos. I remember a painting that was purposely slanted and I was trying to fix it in place. I just can't get how some mess could be called art, sorry. But hey, that's only my non-artistic boring self talking but it's most def worth a visit!

Directions: Ride any LRT line 2 station going to Santolan station. From there, take a jeep going to Antipolo-Simbahan and ask to be dropped off at Ynares Center. Then take a tricycle going to Grand Heights Subdivision/Pinto Art Museum. They're open from 9AM to 6PM from Tuesday to Sunday.

Rates: Adult (200php), Students with School ID (100php), Senior Citizen (150php)

Photos by: Kean Timoteo and Pola dela Rosa


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